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IMG_0693Who doesn’t love sushi? Well I defiantly do. I love to make it, love to eat it. It’s not unhealthy at all but with a lot of white rice it’s not the best option either. But what if you just leave out the rice? Exactly, than it is. That’s what I thought when I wanted to prepare some lunch to take with me to work last week. I just bought some roasted seaweed and used what I had left in the fridge. Some were traditional sushi ingredients but most of them don’t. But yes, it sure tasted good!


I used crab, tuna, avocado, rucola, grated carrot and corn. I’m sure it will work with a lot more. Just open your fridge and give it a try. You can roll them the same way you do it when you make normal sushi. Never made sushi before? Youtube is your friend, trust me, it’s super easy! The riceless sushi felt apart a bit quicker than the normal one but it still worked. I have to be honest that the real sushi of a good Japanese restaurant still is my favorite but this is sure a good alternative.