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For the pancakes (makes about 5-6 pancakes, big breakfast for 1)

  • 1 dl coconut flour (or if you don’t have that an equal mix of grated coconut and whole-wheat flour, like I did this time)
  • 0,75 dl coconut milk (any other type of milk is fine too)
  • 2 eggwhites
  • some extra grated coconut (optional)
  • ½ ripe banana (just like all recipes with bananas: the riper, the sweeter, the better)IMG_1213
  • Mix the egg, milk and flour together
  • Mash the ½ banana and mix it all until you’ve got a smooth dough
  • Put some oil (or whatever you want to use to not make them stick) in a pan, put on medium heat and make little pancakes with a big spoon
  • When there are little bubbles on the top of the pancakes, flip them
  • Fry them until they are light brown
  • Top it with whatever kind of fruit and/or yogurt you like and the extra coconut and enjoy!


With my chocolate banana pancakes (click here for the recipe!)

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