About me.

I am Marijn, 19 years ago born Amsterdam. At the moment I am traveling and working full time as a model. On this blog I will mostly post healthy recipes and facts about healthy food. Friends call me the breakfast chef so most of the recipes will be for breakfast. Sometimes I will post something about my personal life or my travels.

First of all I want to make clear I am not an expert. Not at all. I have done no study or anything close about healthy food. Everything I know and write about I learned from reading other blogs, some personal experience and my good friend Google. If you guys have any questions I am happy to try to answer them as good as I can (so sure ask along) but can’t promise you I will know it all.

I am just a girl who tries to eat and live healthy and enjoys cooking. Well actually, I do now. It has not always been like this. I used to be that skinny friend who could eat whatever she wanted without getting fat. I’ve always loved sweets, ice cream, chocolate and cake so that’s what I did. But when I got a bit older it changed. I’m still just very lucky with my digestion, I can still eat a lot without getting fat. But with eating just a lot of unhealthy stuff I did started to noticed, like I think we almost all do.  So when I stared full time modeling  I suddenly had to start watching it. Not in an extreme way but just eating a bag of cookies or a pizza whenever I felt like it wasn’t such a good option anymore. And nope, in the beginning I didn’t like that at all. It felt I was on some diet without tasty food. But living in modelapartments with others who were eating really healthy, reading blogs about good food and trying new things made me learn that healthy food can be really good. Or actually even better. Along the way I really started to enjoy to put just a bit more effort in my meals and to try to make things I never made before. And here I am now, I think you can call cooking officially a hobby of mine and I honestly love healthy and clean food. If you’re craving for something sweet it’s easy to quick take some cookies but according to me a nice fruit salad even tastes better. It just takes a bit more effort to make it but since I enjoy cooking that effort is no problem.

With this blog I hope to inspire you all to get to the same point. I will post whatever easy and mostly tasty healthy meals I make and I promise you it sure tastes just as good as your unhealthy stuff!

If you would like to follow me daily and see all the food pics right after I took them you should follow me at I guess my biggest addiction: Instagram. My username is marijnkuiper.

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Me by Pim van Offeren.


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